Hi! I'm Sydney, a twentysomething Midwest transplant located somewhere between Boston and Providence who can eat her weight in both kringles and cannoli just depending on the day.

Seasoned with Sydney is my little corner of the internet where you will mostly see posts about food, with a healthy sprinkling of craft projects I'm dying to try, what cookbooks I'm loving, new places to explore, and anything and everything in between.

I am:

  • a proud woman of color. If you catch me on a humid day, chances are my hair has reached unreal curl proportions.
  • a baker.
  • a graduate student.
  • an occasional songwriter. I've got a guitar. We should jam sometime.
  • an aspiring cookbook author.
  • a lover of history.
  • an avid tv watcher. My dvr list grows every week, and silently judges me for it.

So make yourself comfortable and have a look around. I've got a feeling you and I are going to be famous friends.