Wallpaper's In!

I've gotten, from more than one source, the exclusive trends for this spring. What's hot? Wallpaper!

Honestly, I was a little surprised. I hope you're thinking what I was thinking: how could something that's literally been around for decades, abandoned and virtually forgotten, be a hot trend now, in 2012? Funny you should mention it. I've done a little research, and here's why wallpaper has made such a triumphant comeback:

1. It can change the entire personality of a room, in a matter of hours (depending on how quickly you work.)

If you're looking for a quick fix or a quick theme without paying a professional painter, wallpaper's a great way to go. A ton of designers have expanded their expertise to wallpaper design, and there's always something for everyone. (Might I recommend Cath Kidston? I love everything she does. One of my dream rooms will be COVERED in her beautiful rose-patterned design.)

2. You won't have to buy a ton of paint every time the sun fades your colors. Wallpaper can last for the long haul!

The longevity of Wallpaper is anywhere between five to seven years. You get your money's worth, and a room that could speak for itself, even without any furniture.

3. It's a lot easier than many think to install!

Wallpaper can be fun! And it's pretty easy to do, once you follow the instructions. You'll get the hang of it, and it's smooth sailing from there.

4. If you start to hate it, just tear it down and start from scratch!

No primer, no different paint colors, no painter's tape. Just a new pattern, some glue, and a plan for another fabulous interior masterpiece!

Happy decorating!