Change is In the Air

I apologize PROFUSELY for my absence. Life tends to get you a little carried away and before you know it, it's December and your last blog post was in April. I've failed a little bit with my new year's resolution of blogging everyday, but that will change (probably), because I'm going to be a little bit more proactive. Okay, here's the second thing: this blog is going to change...slightly. While interior design forever will have a place on this space (see what I did there?) DaintyDwellings is going to feature more. For starters, I just realized my love (I mean burning hot, PASSIONATE LOVE) for baking. I don't know how I could live my life before without it. But that has changed, my friends. Ohh, how it has changed. So now, what I bake, I share. With you. My loyal reader.

Along with baking, I'll share my decorating tips, my crafts, my readings, my writings, my favorite things, my photos, my journeys, my music (did I ever tell you that I'm a musician?) my everything. I promise to only post the interesting stuff, and not the stuff about me geeking out over balloon whisks. (That actually happened by the way. I didn't know that I could reach that level of kitchen-nerdiness.)

It's all about to change, and I hope I still have you along for the ride.


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