Writing to My Darlings

DSCN0344Call me old-fashioned (Or Sydney, either works fine), but there is nothing better than a good, handwritten letter. In this era of email, and instant communication, it's important to take a step back, and appreciate the hard work that goes into a physical letter, and the process that it takes to get from the hands of your loved one, all the way to you. A friend had a birthday recently, and I had waited until the very last minute. But I made a deal with another friend, who has also waited: you buy the gift, I'll get the card.

I work in Beacon Hill, which is this crazy beautiful neighborhood of Boston. It's very old, and very historic. There's brick everywhere, brick as far as the eye can see, and I love it. On the street over from the office, there are two card shops, almost right next door to each other. One is really popular, and sells cards, along with other novelty books and housewares. The other is more of an old-school, independent card shop. Since I'd been in the popular store several times, and decided that the prices might just be a little too high, and the selection a little too low for my liking, I decided on Shop Number Two. I was in the market for cards and cards only, after all. (Hallmark will get absolutely none of my money if I can help it.)


It's called Rugg Road Paper Company, and it is, after just one visit, my new go-to card shop! First of all, it's absolutely ADORABLE inside. It's got all the quirks and charms of being a small business, and creative displays with a touch of whimsy. There are Boston-themed post cards with traditional, and also non-traditional images for just $1.00 each, clever greeting cards with puns that have been printed on recycled paper, SUPER CUTE printed wrapping paper (who wouldn't want anchors on quality wrapping paper?), and the best element of them all:  a friendly and dedicated shop owner who cares about her customers. You can tell that she's put her special mark on each and every part of the store and it shows. The prices were excellent, the selection was unique, and I just can't get enough. Plus, it gives me something to do while I wait for my train!

My friends know me well: I am, and always will be a big supporter of small business. Greeting card season is upon us, so you better stock up!! (Another great place to try? Etsy.com!)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got greeting cards to address and send. No one knows they're coming, and that's always half the fun!

Send someone special in your life a little snail mail. Trust me, it'll only make your bond stronger!

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