Scenes of the Summer

It's been a really busy summer, and one that didn't start to slow down really until today. The month of August was CRAZY busy with my cousin's wedding in Nashville,  visiting friends and doing a little sightseeing in Colorado, and spending some much-needed time with my family back in the Midwest. I've spent more time in the car with my parents in 31 days than I possibly have in my life. And I wouldn't change it...even though we all really needed our space in separate rooms for a while afterwards!  

Here are just a few scenes from my Summer 2014:

photo 2 copy photo 2

photo 1 copy photo 3photo 1photo 4 copy

photo 4 photo 3 copy


I am officially in love with these United States, and I totally want to live everywhere all at once. Ever get that feeling?




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