Newport + The Breakers

Have I told you yet that I'm back on the East Coast? Surprise! I've been back for about a month and I couldn't be any happier.

Last week, before the weather got so hot that I could hardly stand outside for ten minutes without complaining, we took a day trip to Newport, RI to do a little walking on the famous cliffs, and to check out the Vanderbilt family mega-mansion, The Breakers.


Here are a few snapshots:

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Can you believe this was once someone's summer home?? It has 70 rooms, parts of which were built in Europe then taken apart and transferred to America in pieces, and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It is the absolute epitome of The Gilded Age.

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These days, The Breakers is owned by the Newport Preservation Society, but the Vanderbilt family still owns all of the furniture, and can even live there during the summer months. I can't even imagine how cool it must be to wander the halls when all of the tourists are gone.


It's the perfect place to visit on any given sunny Sunday afternoon.