Let's Talk About Stitch Fix

About a month ago, an advertisement popped up on my newsfeed to try this new(ish) (new to ME, anyway) company called Stitch Fix. It's almost like having your own personal stylist, and you get to try on the pieces at home. If you're anything like me, the actual idea of going out to the shopping centers and waiting in long dressing room lines, just to find even the teensiest things wrong, and feeling all kinds of fat and gross in those not-so-magic mirrors they've got going on over there, is utterly terrifying. Of course we all do it, but who on earth would prefer all that, when you can get a box in the mail every month (if you'd like!) with surprise clothes hand-picked just for you? Exactly.


You fill out this very extensive style profile highlighting your likes and dislikes in terms of style. You choose the adjectives that best describe the way you dress, you vote on which styles you like the best from sample pictures, and you give your body measurements and sizes. Then, you pay a $20 fee, cross your fingers, and wait for five hand-picked items to be delivered to you in the mail.  Once your package arrives, you've got three days to decide what you'd like to keep and what you'd like to return. If you keep any items in the box, your $20 fee goes towards the total price of the items kept. Ex. If you keep a necklace and a dress, add the original cost of each together, then subtract twenty. AND if you keep the entire box, you get 25% off the whole order! It's pretty great, and you cannot even imagine how jazzed I've been all week waiting for my box to come.


I tore into the box and, I've got to say, I really liked every piece except for one: the necklace.


Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but I'm not big into jewelry. If I buy anything, it's got to be because that piece is completely unique, and unlike anything I've ever seen. This, I've seen.


DSCN0265 DSCN0266





Even cooler, they send you a little card with pictures of each item in your box, and how to make different outfits with each. It's great to see an example of a piece being taken from day to night, with just a few clothing swaps.

So would I do it again? You bet.  But my advice is to not build it up too much. While I had a pretty great first experience, one of my friends wasn't as lucky. She lives in one of the hottest parts of California, and her stylist sent her a wool coat! Not great. But hey, I bet it was a pretty nice coat!

The surprise is half the fun, trust me.

Interested? You should try!

Have any of you done Stitch Fix before? I want to hear alllll about it!


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