Lilac Sunday at the Arboretum!

Okay, let me start this off by saying that I didn't actually get any pictures of the lilacs... BUT, I did get a sunburn! Yeah!

Honestly, I head out to the Arboretum every single chance I get, but this Sunday was ESPECIALLY special because in addition to it being Lilac Sunday (a celebration of some sweet smellin' floret), it was also a special edition of the New England Food Truck Festival! Where there is food truck, you will find Sydney.


The "Hub" Burger from Boston's Baddest Burgers, with provolone cheese and special garlic aioli.


Ahem...So...A couple things:

1. We waited for an hour and half for food because the lines were BEYOND anything I've ever seen. Beyond.

2. The lines were so long that the trucks actually ran out of food!

3. I saw more dogs than you can ever imagine, and it took absolutely everything I had not to burst out of line every other minute to scratch each one under the chin.

4. Next time around, a little organization will go a long way.

The entirety of Boston will crowd an area if there is even the hint of a possibility that food will be prepared then distributed from a truck. It's a fact. I know this because I am right there with everyone else throwing my money into someone's hands and telling them I'll take one of everything. When you mix a mob of hungry people pushing strollers and obsessively reapplying sunscreen with a fleet of massive mobile resturants both hogging up walking paths that are quite wide, but not wide enough, you're spelling trouble. And though my arms now bear resemblance to our little lobster friends from standing in one spot for a little too long, today and today only, I got to have my picnic at the Arnold Arboretum. And I will cherish the memory, as well as the heap of macarons I brought home.

photo photo

Here are few macaroon flavors that I'd like to introduce you to:

-Rose Petal

-Honey Lavender

-Earl Grey

-Creme Brûlée.


Oh yeah.  And we got those babies first, after only waiting in a five minute line. Why couldn't they have all been like that? You rock, Cameo Macaron!


We had fun. Do I think the Arboretum maybe wasn't a good choice for this kind of event? Kind of.  But you just can't beat beautiful days like today, and what better way to celebrate a clear blue sky than with piles of food?





Happy Mother's Day, my babies.

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