Address Me as "Your Majesty"

I'm the Birthday Princess! Today was such a simple, such a LOVELY day.

You know how people say that as they get older, they don't really care about doing it big for birthdays anymore? All they really care about is being with the ones they love? I get that. For some reason, there's all this pressure to have a good time on your birthday, making it incredible, and that's too much to live up to. I'd rather be close to the ones that I cherish, eat some good comfort food, then eat again. And take lots of pictures. So that's what I did. I took pictures, ate, laughed, ate, took more pictures, went in search of more food. And it was the best birthday yet.

photo 1 photo 2

I feel like Gourmet Dumpling House is one of Boston's best kept secrets. Tucked away in the heart of Chinatown, you'll pass by a lot of delicious options before you find this place. But there's a reason that the line runs out the door most nights. I can say without a doubt that those are the best dumplings in Boston. HANDS DOWN. And I have had many, many dumplings. I don't know what they do, but they do it well. It has been a staple dinner place in my friend group for many years, and those I take there know how sacred it is. And don't you dare leave until you've had an order of scallion pancakes. Good gracious, now I want some.

I also brought a disposable camera that I picked up from the pharmacy. I miss the days of using film, so I'm trying to get myself back into it. So far so good. Anna was kind enough to put up with me taking "artistic" shots from the crosswalk.

photo 4

I know I'm so late to the macaron trend, but I can't believe how much one of these can change my entire day. We went in search of the Cameo Macaron truck and found it parked by Prudential. I memorized the walk because I think I'll be making it rather often this summer. We ate our cookies by the water and waxed nostalgic about how much we've grown and changed in seven years. She's graduating and going home soon, so being with her today made this  birthday so much better.

photo 3

What am I going to do without my beautiful best friend? Ah well, we'll manage. We always do.


It's my birthday, and I'm drinking a mini bottle of Pink Moscato bubbly. This is the life.


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