Chicago Part III


The planets aligned Memorial Day Weekend and I found myself in the Windy City once again. Two times in one month is not too shabby, if you ask me.

This time around, we found ourselves in the South Loop, for a day of fun and learning at one of the best museums in the world: the Field Museum! I've been a few times throughout the years, but I feel like I wasn't old enough to enjoy it. This go-around, I was determined to make the most of everything, read everything, and do everything..We ended up purchasing tickets for the Vikings exhibit which was REALLY cool. Everything was on display from jewelry, to relics, to swords, and even the bare bones of an original ship. I even picked up a recipe for Vikings-era bread which may or may not find its way onto this blog in some sort of theme.

A little advice: if you're going to make a trip to The Field Museum, MAKE SURE you get there nice and early. If you don't, you'll spend more time waiting in line and saying "excuse me, I would like to see as well!" than you will actually seeing and learning about things. We got there after the museum had been opened for about an hour and a half, and it was supremely nice to be able to leisurely look at things without the anxiety of feeling like you're too slow for the people waiting behind you. And it's always so lovely to see the faces of the little ones pressing buttons to see things light up, and of course, looking up in astonishment at the beautiful sight that is SUE.

Once we'd toured the museum until our feet hurt, we decided to venture back out into the city in search of a place to eat. Something quick, something new preferably. But sometimes, it's hard to find hidden city gems when you're actively pursuing them (perhaps why they stay hidden), and after walking around aimlessly on a (semi) hot day, our eyes fell upon the sign for Good Stuff Eatery, and I just couldn't say "no" to going there again. It's fast, inexpensive, and DELICIOUS.  Gourmet fast food at its finest.

We spent the majority of the day at the museum, and by the end of it we were pretty exhausted and ready to go home. But I never, ever leave Chicago without a quick trip to Logan Square to Bang Bang Pie. Maybe that's my thing? At any rate, I finally ventured outside of French Silk and went for the Honey Pie this time, while my mom excitedly ordered the Chocolate Pecan Pie. Phenomenal as always.

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means more trips to the Second City are in the future!