Homemade Holidays: Buttery-Cayenne Pecans

Guys, I am DETERMINED, DETERMINED I SAY, to get all of my gifts sorted, made, and mailed BEFORE Christmas this year. No exceptions. So far, I'm definitely on track, but if you're like the me of last year, struggling to think of the perfect edible treat, then you'll really like these pecans.

Food is how I express my affection for my loved ones, so finding the perfect gift for each person can be very challenging.. It's hard enough finding the perfect balance of delicious, seemingly complicated (but attainable), and festive. Now try adding mail-friendly on top of that. See? Challenging. Fortunately, I've discovered Bon Appetit's Buttery-Cayenne Pecans, and have found myself taking a big sigh of relief.

Here's what these snack nuts have going for them:

  1. Complex flavor: The heat of the cayenne pepper, mixed with the other spices and generous amount of butter makes these pecans so rich and decadent.
  2. Supremely easy to make: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, add pecans, stir the pecans around to make sure they're evenly coated, put pecans in the oven. Simple.
  3. Perfect for local and faraway friends alike: All you need is a beautiful and festive airtight container or bag to make sure these little guys remain at peak freshness.

Whether you're new to food-gifting, or you're a seasoned pro who's looking for a fresh take on your signature gift, these buttery-cayenne pecans are sooooo the way to go.

Find the recipe for Buttery-Cayenne Pecans  here!