My Weekend in Pictures

photo-3As a natural homebody, I sometimes have to make myself leave the house and go places other than the grocery store and corner sandwich shop. That's why I'm so glad my best friend Anna (this is her blog!) lives in this city as well. She's one of my favorite activity partners, and also one of the only people I know that doesn't think I talk too much. Bless her, she puts up with my long-winded stories. photo-4If there is one thing that Bostonians can do, it's drink, which means that Boston is nowhere near in short supply of bars and pubs.

As a person who doesn't like to go out much, I can't stand places that play music louder than normal speaking level (Call me crazy, but when is it ever fun to literally shout out a story to a person sitting two feet away from you?). That leaves out a good chunk of establishments for me. But one place that has never failed to keep me happy is Goody Glover's in the North End. It's one of the only restaurants in the neighborhood that isn't Italian, (it's very, very Irish. Like, many of the servers have wonderful Irish accents and everything) and it ticks every box on my list: appropriately balanced audio, friendly staff, a true pub feel complete with dark furniture built into the wall, and food that is TO DIE FOR. You have not lived, my friend, until you have tried one of their potato spring rolls. It's kind of one of those places that can easily get passed up if you're not paying attention, but if you're in the mood for a Grade A burger and a pint of Magner's, find yourself at Goody Glover's this instant.

photo-6Anna and I had time to spare before our movie, so I suggested we hit up my favorite cupcakery in Boston: Sweet. It is the Girly-Girl's dream. There's pink everywhere, Marie Antoinette playing on a loop, and cupcakes with the perfect frosting-to-cake-body ratio. If you've never had a Buttermilk Pancake cupcake, Sweet is the place to fix that. AND, best of all, there are great vegan and gluten-free options that are just as sweet (see what I did there?). Sweet is the kind of bakery that I'd love to open in the (very distant) future.

photo-7Mmm Cookies and Cream.

Side note: Have you heard of the Cupcake Sandwich? If you haven't, then I can assure you, you've been eating your cupcakes all wrong. Listen, the next time you hit up a bakery, take a seat and try this little trick: unwrap the cupcake, carefully split it in half so that one half is the cupcake top with frosting and the other half is plain cake. Carefully join the frosting side and bald cake together to make a sandwich with frosting in the center. Voila, a Cupcake Sandwich. You'll never eat a cupcake the same way again.


Hamburgers and cupcakes: do Saturdays get much better?

What did you do this weekend??

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