My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend I got to babysit my co-worker, Maggie. photo

We've known each other for three years now, and she's always there to greet me at the door at the start of the day. When her dad asked me to watch her for the weekend, I leapt at the chance. Not only am I seriously missing my dog these days, but having a pet around can somewhat validate the hundreds of times a day that I carry on conversations with myself. They can't answer, but at least they make eye contact!

You know a person has officially made it in a city when they have a dog, am I right? Like, you see a person walking down the street with an adorable pup on a leash and you think, "Wow, that person definitely has it together. That person has MADE IT." This weekend, I wanted to get a taste of what that's like, so Princess Margret and I, along with my roommate, Sophie, decided to hit the town.

photo photo

We first hit up Polka Dog Bakery in Jamaica Plain. I wanted to get the Princess a little treat, and I'd heard that this was the place to go for fresh "pupcakes" and dog treats. This place has everything: cookies and pupcakes in an actual bakery case, a huge selection of treats and bones, lots of unique toys, and even a little section for cats. We also met a retired racing Greyhound name Rosy. (Or Nosy Rosy, as her friends call her.) Her owners were there to talk about a greyhound shelter that they're apart of in Mass. After talking to them, I was almost certain that I wanted a greyhound...until I considered how much they eat! Super cute though.

photo photoI decided on this ADORABLE "pupcake" because the delicate flower on top reminded me of Maggie. I also asked her if this was the one she wanted, and actually waited for a response that never came. Thankfully I was in an environment where that sort of thing is encouraged, so we're good. And as you can see, I couldn't resist, and bought her a little squeaky toy. I hope that when she plays with it, she thinks of me.

photo-2I don't think I've ever realized how cool Jamiaca Plain is. To be honest, I hadn't ever spent much time there. But after we left Polka Dog, we decided to go exploring. Sophie pointed out a bakery on the same block, and I made a beeline.

It's called Monumental Cupcakes, and it's the kind of bakery that people in the neighborhood would go to, to get their daily doughnut and coffee. It's on the small side, but there are a few tables tucked away in the corners. What caught my attention right away was the advertised Apple Cider Doughnut with a cinnamon sugar glaze. It was. Without a doubt. The best Apple Cider Doughnut I've ever had. The apple flavor was pleasantly pronounced (do they use magic apples?), the cinnamon sugar was an amazing complement and not too heavy, it was fresh, and didn't taste like a doughnut that's been sitting in the case all morning, and the edge had this satisfying crispness that you can only achieve when you're a fryer master. It had me wishing that there was more, and that doesn't happen often with bakery items for me. I highly recommend.

photo photoOn the same block is a shop that is basically a real-life version of Etsy. It's called Aviary, and it's the rustic-chic shop of my dreams.

Aviary is a store that celebrates local and small business.  From their pieces on display from local artists, to clever cards hot off the letterpresses, to repurposed metal jewelry with pressed letters, to independent  magazines and newsletters., it screams "indie."The place is so charming and wonderful that you have this overwhelming feeling to buy something, anything, just to stay and take it all in a little longer. I got some adorable and unique "thank you" notes that are almost too pretty to use.

photoOn the way to the bus stop we passed by a vintage furniture and housewares store called Yesteryear. That place is absolutely filled to the brim with household items, but it was closed! That's a store for another day, I suppose.

On the way home, we may or may not have gotten a little lost. We weren't far from home though, and got to enjoy a brisk walk through some nice neighborhoods.  We were starving by the time we made it home, and it made that doughnut so much sweeter.

photoI took Maggie home yesterday, and I miss my napping buddy already. Maybe this is a sign that it's time to get a baby of my own? Maybe not just yet.


What'd you do this weekend?

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