My Weekend in Pictures

photoOn Friday, my boss took us out for a special Valentine's Day lunch to an awesome restaurant downtown called Myers + Chang. It's actually co-owned by  Joanne Chang, the owner of one of my biggest bakery inspirations, Flour. The place has an eclectic, vintage diner style to it, and serves a fusion of very authentic Asian food. We got there a little early, and it wasn't long until this place was packed. The special of the day was a lemongrass pork burger, which one of my co-workers had been talking and dreaming about all day. He'd made it sound so amazing, that I was positive that was what I was going to get. But looking at the menu, (which was big enough to have a ton of great options, but not so big that you feel overwhelmed) I wasn't so sure. I finally decided on my first Banh Mi, and oh my goodness did I make the best choice.

For those of you who are new to Banh Mi, they're Vietnamese sub sandwiches with a special type of cole slaw, jalapeños, and sriracha. I got the Braised Short Rib with Asian Pear, which tasted just as amazing as it sounds. Hands down, one of the best sandwiches of my entire life. I can't even believe it. So. So. Good. I will be going back to Meyers+ Chang super soon.

On Saturday, I braved the blizzard-like conditions (the Midwest makes you tough! Four to eight inches? PUH-LEASE.) and made my way to Cambridge for some good, much-needed, breakfast food for dinner at The Friendly Toast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and this place always delivers. It's also a vintage diner style restaurant, with knick knacks and trinkets from all over the place. I think I have a thing for diners, you guys. I can't get enough of 'em. I'd have pictures, but as soon at the food came, I blacked out and mauled my plate. If you go, MAKE SURE you order a piece of the toast. It's homemade, super thick, and so buttery. My mouth is watering, I have to stop. Go to the Friendly Toast, then tell me everything, so we can relive it together.

What'd you do this weekend? singature gray