My Weekend in Pictures

  photo-3On Friday, my co-worker brought in his cousin's dog to visit because he knew how much it would make my day. His name is Monty, and he's just the sweetest. As soon as I got into work, I was greeted with a nice hug, and an invitation to play a never-ending game of fetch where Monty pretends that he'll give you the ball to throw, but when you reach for it, he slyly pulls away. Monty decides when you throw the ball, not you. At any rate, we had such a blast. He's what's called a Springville Labrodoodle who, despite his size, sat in my lap, cradled like a baby, and now I totally want one.


On Saturday, I decided that it was finally time to take my roommate, Sophie, to my absolute favorite bookstore in the city: Brookline Booksmith. It's an independently owned shop right in the heart of Coolidge Corner that's been around forever, and is the place where I've met both Jim Gaffigan and John Krasinski. I have never left this place without buying something.I think it's because of the sheer whimsy and quirk of the place that makes you feel right at home. There's also a very impressively stocked used book cellar with amazing bargains. I picked up a used copy of Julie and Julia, (the movie is one of my favorites, so it's about time that I picked up the book) and a brand new copy of Food in Jars, because I really want to start canning! I'm starting small with a batch of vanilla extract, then working my way up. I am TOO AMPED to dive into this book.

I should really visit Brookline Booksmith more often. Seriously guys, if you can shop small, do it. Support your local businesses!photo-5It's funny, I live all the way across the city now, and yet I still very regularly find myself back in Allston. Part of that is because my close friends have remained, and another part is The Avenue. And more specifically: The Avenue Burger. Just picture it: Buttery, toasted bun, perfectly seasoned beef patty, melted swiss cheese, and the tangy deliciousness of the famous "Secret Sauce." I have been trying for months to figure it out, but no such luck. It's really no matter, I'll just have to keep coming back until i do. Also worth noting: Sweet Potato Tots with Maple Bacon Ketchup.

The Avenue is the perfect neighborhood bar, and one that's quiet enough during the day to keep me coming back. They have a TON of amazing beers and ciders on tap, and the waitstaff has always been nothing but friendly. Plus, if you're a sports fan, there's almost a TV for every table, give or take. If you find yourself on Harvard Avenue, find yourself at The Avenue. Burgers are only $1 on Mondays!

photo-4I'm feeling really inspired lately, so I've channeled that into my baking. I'm currently working on a double chocolate cookie recipe of my own, and I found myself diligently working on this Saturday night. I'm almost there, guys!


What did you do this weekend?

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