Cakeland Adventures Continued

DSCN0196 This weekend I decided that I wanted to make a cake.

In my life, I've only made two cakes, whether it be alone, or with a little help. And I have to say it: this is no easy feat, is it? Making a cake is a lot of work, but it's incredibly rewarding (And obviously delicious) in the end, and that makes it all worth it.

Let me first start off by saying that I went all over Boston (Okay, just to Macy's) to find the proper tools for this cake. While I've got buttercream frosting on lock, I didn't have an icing spatula. And while I have plates to serve the cake on, I had no cake stand. These are both very essential to proper cake making. In two years, I want people to come to me asking for me to make them a cake. I HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO, but practice makes perfect, no?

So with my nine-inch cake pans in place, my favorite apron on, and about a million ingredients littering the counters, I set to work on a two-layer, vanilla with buttercream frosting cake. Four hours later (There was a lot of checking, then double-checking, then triple-checking the recipe to make sure I was doing it right. Then I had to wait for the unusually hard unsalted butter to soften)  I had my two-layer cake, and a countertop, and arm, covered in buttercream frosting. But HEY, I made myself a cake, and I'm proud.


Ahem. Couple things: this isn't the prettiest cake in the world. I know this, I said this several times to my roommate after I set in on the table. BUT IT WAS DELICIOUS.  This was my first time using cake flour instead of all purpose, and I must say, the consistency is interesting! it's a bit lighter, and I like it. I still prefer AP flour, but I like it enough for this cake.

In case you can't tell (icing gel from Betty Crocker is THE. WORST. I had these neat designs in mind for the cake, but couldn't snip the top off the tube like it suggested. After probably a good five minutes of snipping that top, I got a little frustrated and cut off the entire bottom, then filled a squeeze bottle we have for icing. There wasn't enough gel from the tube to fill the squeeze bottle, so I had to change up everything. Bottom line: be careful buying Icing gel from Betty Crocker) I wrote "One" on my cake. This is try number one. And there will be many more tries in the future, and they'll all be documented here.

At the end of the day, I'm still learning. Baking makes me happy. It's something that I love to do, and it's gotten me a few friends along the way. But I'm still learning, and I'll continue to learn until I can't anymore. And that's what DaintyDwellings is about for me. It's about always learning, always trying to better a craft, always trying to learn more about the things I'm passionate about, always trying to build a community with bloggers trying to do the same thing. I want to be the best, so I have to learn from the best.

And I've still got a lot to learn, so keep those challenges coming.

Night, Dwellers!

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