Thanksgiving Decisions (Decisions, Decisions)

DSCN0651Am I the only one who's a little stressed out about what to make for Thanksgiving? Surely, not. One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching, and I'm simply stuck in my research phase, trying to find the perfect dessert to serve. I've spent at least a week poring over dozens and dozens of recipes and food magazines and cookbooks, but there's still no clear winner. Should I make a pie? Cranberry tartlets? Keep it simple with cookies? Create an assortment? Those are just a few of the many burning Thanksgiving questions. I have a total eager-to-please, eager-to-impress personality, and despite the fact that I'm only making this dessert for my family (who will eat it anyway because it's family law to love and support everyone) I just can't seem to switch off the part of my brain that wants to go bigger, better, and completely 100% over-the-top.

And with just a little amount of time remaining before the big show (Thanksgiving Dinner, of course), I've got to start planning.

So, I ask you, all of you out there: What's on your Thanksgiving menu?

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